Control Flow of Bad Sheet of Solar Cell


Silicon wafer is the carrier of solar cells. The quality of silicon wafer directly determines the conversion efficiency of solar cells. The merits and demerits of solar cells need to be tested and sorted. How to control the production process of bad solar cells? The following is the control process of bad solar cells:

When collecting materials, count the quantity and grade (efficiency or power) on the invoice to see if they are in conformity with the substance.

Before disassembly, the sorter checks whether the outer case is damaged or deformed by impact, and notifies the QC personnel to confirm on the spot if there is any deformation or damage.

After unpacking, the sorter confirms that the number and grade (efficiency or grade) of each package label are the same as the invoice.

Before unpacking, the sorter checks the appearance of each package and the condition of the batteries. If there is any problem, the quality control personnel should be notified to confirm it on the spot. If there is no problem, the sorter can continue to unpacking and sorting.

After unpacking, count the number of solar cells in each package. If there is a small number of solar cells, notify QC to confirm the signature (issuing an abnormal list), and then go to the warehouse to replenish the materials.

When sorting, the appearance of batteries is sorted according to the company's inspection standards, and the bad pieces (debris, edge collapse, angle missing, color spot, poor printing, etc.) are sorted and placed. The quality control re-judges and confirms the bad pieces before the end of production, such as continuing to put into production within the company's standards, such as outside the company's standards. Production is returned to warehouse according to bad raw materials and raw material fragments.

Single welding inspection, single welding before welding on the separation of good pieces of mutual inspection, such as bad pieces found in the process of mutual inspection, need to be confirmed by quality control judgment, continue to put into production within the company standard, in addition to the company standard, the parties and quality controllers at the same time sign the name on the back of the batteries and the conversion rate of batteries to sorting replacement. Such films were recorded as poor sorting in production.

In the single welding process, bad debris also needs quality control to confirm that the battery has not yet been welded and is the cause of the quality of the battery itself (color spots, poor printing, perforation, etc.). The QC staff signs the name on the back of the battery, replacing the battery with bad raw materials, and the debris, edge collapse and corner absence of the battery has not yet been welded. Both the person and the QC staff sign the name on the back of the batteries and the conversion rate of the batteries to be sorted and replaced at the same time. Such films are recorded as poor production operation. The parties and QC staff who have welded the batteries with bad films also sign the name and conversion rate of the batteries on the back of the batteries to be sorted and replaced at the same time. Such films are not recorded as production operations. Liang.