The largest photovoltaic power generation project in Handan has a total investment of 1 billion yuan


Recently, Guangping Yingli photovoltaic power generation 1200 acres of solar panels have been installed and approved by the provincial power supply company, which is undergoing trial operation of grid-connected power generation. It is reported that the project is invested by Baoding Yingli Photovoltaic Power Group, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan and an area of 1,200 mu. It is the first demonstration project of photovoltaic and agricultural integration in Handan City, which adopts the integrated industrial model of photovoltaic, agriculture and aquaculture. The project not only conforms to the national industrial policy, improves the efficiency of land use, but also plays a positive role in increasing power supply, adjusting energy structure, realizing energy conservation and emission reduction, and protecting the ecological environment. After the project is connected to the grid, it is estimated that 52.506 million degrees of clean power can be transmitted to the power grid every year, which is equivalent to an average annual saving of 17.1 million tons of standard coal, emission reduction of about 52.3 million tons of carbon dioxide, 788 tons of nitrogen oxides, 1575 tons of sulfur dioxide and 14.3 million tons of dust. The average annual cost of pollution control is about 9.45 million yuan, which has obvious environmental benefits. And economy