Pakistani solar panel import tax exemption will triple in 2015


To alleviate the energy crisis, the Pakistani government abolished 32.5% import tariffs on solar panels in December 2014 to reduce installation costs, and introduced a net Metering policy to allow consumers with solar power generation facilities to deduct electricity from their electricity bills to the grid.

Nauman Khan, general manager of Grace Solar, a Pakistani battery supplier, said the new solar policy would triple imports of solar energy equipment in 2015. In 2013, Pakistan's private sector imported 350 MW batteries, but that figure fell to 128 MW in 2014 as the government raised import tariffs. Khan expressed the hope that private companies could import 800MW of batteries in 2015.

Grace Solar and two other solar companies also plan to install roof solar energy for 100,000 households in Lahore, Karachi and Islamic Mabad in the next two to three years. Bank Alfalah, Pakistan's private bank, will finance these families. The State Bank of Pakistan and the Pakistan Alternative Energy Development Authority are also involved. Fariha Mir, the middle-tier Bank of Alfala, said it would finance solar projects by $50,000 over the next five years and provide loans to installation users.