Circuit Design of Real-time Speech Recognition System for Home Guardianship Robot


The functions studied and designed in this paper are all applied to mobile robots. Therefore, the research and design of the system need to take into account the characteristics of small size, power saving, mobile convenience, and friendly display interface for home users to operate. For speech recognition, processors, speech acquisition circuits and speech output circuits are needed for speech recognition algorithm processing. The processor of speech recognition arithmetic is mainly responsible for arithmetic processing, which is equivalent to the brain of the robot; the voice acquisition circuit is responsible for collecting external sound signals, which is equivalent to the ear of the robot; and the voice output circuit is responsible for outputting voice, which is equivalent to the mouth of the robot.

_The design of this paper is used in mobile robots, so it needs the functions of voice input, recognition processing and voice output. For voice input acquisition, this paper uses sound sensor microphone and peripheral circuit to achieve. For the voice output part, the power amplifier combined with the speaker is used.