A Brief Talk on the Comparison of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Four Household Power Generation Systems


Electricity has become an indispensable energy source for any person, family and group in today's society. For ordinary families, collective state power supply is the main source of electricity. In order to deal with some special situations, such as blackouts, mobile power supply, household power generation system is the first choice. Today we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of four common household power generation systems.

Domestic Diesel Generator

Diesel generators are very common for rural families, and their utilization rate is relatively high in rural areas. I remember that when the editor was young, he had diesel generators at home, mainly to deal with power outages and pumping water from other places.

Advantages: high thermal energy, low price, low cost of diesel generator, easy to carry;

Disadvantages: high noise; high problem occurrence rate; low utilization rate, poor power generation capacity.

Domestic gasoline generator

Gasoline generators are similar to diesel generators and are more common in rural areas.

Advantages: Compared with diesel engine, the noise is smaller, the volume is smaller, and the portability is convenient.

Disadvantages: high cost of non-clean energy; low utilization rate as diesel engine; high noise; relatively high price of generators; poor power generation capacity.