Do you think solar photovoltaic power generates radiation?


Radiation refers to all objects in nature, as long as the temperature is above zero absolute temperature, they are constantly conveying heat in the form of electromagnetic waves.

Light is radiation, electromagnetic wave is radiation, particle flow is radiation, heat is radiation, we are in a variety of radiation.

What kind of radiation is harmful to human body?

Radiation itself is harmless, because the earth itself is a large magnetic field, its surface thermal radiation and lightning can produce electromagnetic radiation, the sun and other planets also continue to produce electromagnetic radiation from outer space.

The natural magnetic field, sunlight and household appliances around human beings emit radiation of different intensities.

Only excessive radiation can cause harm to human body, canceration and gene mutation.

Generally speaking, it includes short-wave radiation and some high-energy particle flows.

Will photovoltaic power generate radiation?

Photovoltaic power generation is the direct conversion of light energy into DC power through the characteristics of semiconductors, and then converts DC power into AC power which can be used by us through inverters.

There are no chemical changes or nuclear reactions, so photovoltaic power generation will not have short-wave radiation.

Solar inverters are only general power electronic products. Although there are IGBT or triode in them, and there are dozens of K switching frequencies, all inverters have metal shielding enclosures, and conform to the global regulations of electromagnetic compatibility certification.

Household appliances used in our living environment, such as TV sets, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, electric blankets, electric shavers and so on, generate power frequency electromagnetic fields.

Through scientific measurement, the electromagnetic environment of solar photovoltaic power generation system is lower than the limit value of each index. In the power frequency band, the electromagnetic environment of solar photovoltaic power station is even lower than the quantity value produced when normal household appliances are used, which will not affect human health.