How to quickly install roof distributed photovoltaic power plants?


Installation of green roof photovoltaic power plants is becoming more and more fashionable because of its many benefits:

Investment: Build a photovoltaic power plant on your roof, and you can recover the cost in 4-5 years.

Low-carbon contribution to environmental protection: At present, atmospheric pollution such as haze is serious in China. Photovoltaic power generation is a kind of green energy, and inexhaustible. If everyone installs photovoltaic power generation, they can do their part for environmental protection.

Leading the fashion of science and technology: A single investment in photovoltaic power plants can enjoy 25 years of free electricity, and there is no pollution emissions in the process of power generation. It is a fashionable high-tech consumption and becomes a fashionable person in the forefront of science and technology among relatives and friends and neighbors.

Can't cut off power just in need: during the peak period of summer power consumption, many areas often pull the brakes to limit power. If a photovoltaic micro-grid system (grid-connected conforming system) is installed, when others have no electricity, their home can automatically start off-grid storage device to meet the basic electricity demand of lighting, refrigerators, fans, cylinder air pumps and so on.

Release electricity demand: Many installed users really feel that, since the installation of photovoltaic power generation system, they dare to turn on air-conditioning during the day, and use electricity boldly during the day. The meter does not change, because there is still a state subsidy of 0.42 yuan, so the more cost-effective it is.

Sunshade and heat insulation: When the roof is covered with photovoltaic module batteries, it can effectively reduce the indoor temperature of buildings by 2-3 degrees Celsius. The intuitive feeling is cooler, and indirectly saves the power consumption of air conditioning.

The advantages and disadvantages of photovoltaic system are judged from the following aspects:

Check the appearance of the system, such as components, arrays, confluence boxes, etc. If problems are found, components are damaged, shielding, dust, etc., corresponding measures can be taken to solve them in time.

Check whether the system components used by the power plant construction contractor have the certificate of quality certification.

The safety of the system should be tested on site, such as grounding continuity, insulation, lightning protection, etc. If there are any problems, the power plant construction unit should solve them in time.


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